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Mother Earth Rocks


Gemstone Spheres:

These semi-precious orbs are highly polished to bring out the luster and beauty of each sphere. They are approximately 40mm in diameter (1.5 inches), and weigh approximately 1.5-2.5 ounces. The stones have natural mineral inclusions and variations in color and clarity.

The ancient Greeks believed the spherical shape symbolized victory and fate. Representing energy, power and completeness, a sphere encompasses infinite cycles of rebirth.

The Package:

Each pair of crystals is snugly housed in its own black leatherette jewel box with a brushed aluminum top and a gray padded interior.

Included with each box is a card of Congratulations, information on the properties of the specific gem, and ‘Legends of the Balls’ news page from The Lady Rocks.



A type of feldspar, Labradorite’s remarkable play of colors, or ‘Labradorescence’, brings galactic energies to planet Earth.

Powers of the Pair

  • inspires intuitive powers
  • allows one to see many possibilities at once
  • enhances the flow of energy, originality and clarity
  • boosts health, vitality and patience
  • represents unity and strength

Earth - The Sensing Element

Earth Crystals represent realistic, well-grounded and down-to-earth women.

The Earth and all its resources are at your feet, enabling you to creatively accomplish your goals.

Follow your dreams to the ends of the Earth. Sense the power.

Make the Earth Move!

Blue Calcite

A calcium carbonate mineral which occurs in a variety of forms and colors, Blue Calcite symbolizes a breath of fresh air and the winds of change.

Powers of the Pair

  • deepens intuitive awareness and inspiration
  • increases creative expression
  • focuses the mind on positive thoughts and ideas
  • relieves stress and calms emotions
  • helps you hold fast to your dreams

Air - The Thinking Element

Air crystals represent the unobstructed view of the sky. It is the element of clear-thinking scientists, philosophers and revolutionaries.

Air enables you to spread your wings.

Imagine yourself with the wind in your hair, confidently soaring toward your highest goals.

Blue Calcite
The Sky’s the Limit!

Quartz Crystal

A silicon dioxide crystal, the name is from the Greek for ‘ice’. Many ancients believed that Quartz was water frozen as hard as rock.

Powers of the Pair

  • amplifies energy and thought
  • symbolizes happiness and brightness
  • heightens spiritual awareness
  • facilitates achievement
  • encourages clarity of thoughts and feelings
Water - the Feeling Element

Water Crystals represent the feeling of flowing water, cleansing and refreshing.

It is a life-giving force represented by the power of waves crashing against the shore, energizing and inspiring.

Feel yourself smoothly sailing across the vast ocean toward your goals on the horizon.

Quartz Crystal
Take the Plunge!


Red Jasper

A microcrystalline variety of Quartz, these firey crystals symbolize knowledge and power.

Powers of the Pair

  • supports leadership and courage
  • protects against external stress
  • boosts energy, focus and revitalization
  • aids manifestation and nurturing of creative ideas
  • ignites sexuality and passion for life
  • enhances endurance, stamina and
    increases the ‘chi’ lifeforce
Fire - The Intuiting Element

Fire Crystals represent the lively, friendly warmth of a campfire, vital and spontaneous.

Fire enables you to light up the darkness.

Visualize yourself with courage, energy and confidence to fuel your dreams. Let your intuition blaze new trails.

Red Jasper
Turn up the heat!

Rose Quartz

A silicon dioxide crystal of the Quartz family in various pinkish hues. Rose Quartz can link your heart with the Earth and the Universe.

Powers of the Pair

  • soothes and calms emotions
  • helps ease stress
  • reawakens trust
  • harmonizes interactions with others
  • spreads strength and unity through compassion and understanding
  • softens and dissolves the boundaries of resentment and anger
The She Rocks

Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of love - for yourself, your family, friends, community, the Earth, and the Universe.

Rose Quartz
Follow your Heart!

Picasso Jasper

A micro-crystalline variety of Quartz, the name Jasper is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘spotted stone’. Jaspers are found all over the world, primarily in India, Russia, Brazil, France, Germany and the USA.

Powers of the Pair

  • helps connect with Earth’s sacred sites and ancient civilizations.
  • increases consciousness of the Earth.
  • resonates with energy
  • supports a firm stance under great pressure
The He Rocks

Each sphere of Picasso Jasper is a unique masterpiece, hand-painted by Mother Earth herself.

Picasso Jasper
Become a quad master!

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Mother Earth has grown a pair for you

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